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In 2015 WildSide Online entered the Barricade & Coning Market making us a true one-stop-shop!  We have certified MOT professionals on staff that can create MOT drawings for your event road closures. We work directly with local police agencies to ensure that event day road closures and movement of traffic executes according to plan. Before any implementation of MOT’s are to occur we make sure all proper authorities have signed off and approved of the plans.

Our inventory of Road Closure equipment is as follows:

  • DOT approved Traffic Cones
  • Type I, II, III Barricades
  • French Barricades
  • Drums
  • Arrow Boards
  • Construction Signs
  • Variable Message Boards
  • Water Barriers
  • Crowd Control French Barricades
  • LCD Wall
  • Light Towers
  • Fence Panels

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